"Holy Chic"-Q&A With Street Style Muse, Peony Lim

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Peony Lim is a bonafide street style icon and muse for photographers alike.  She is elegant, poised, beautiful, and enviously stylish.  Peony started her fashion + lifestyle blog in 2010 after being continuously photographed by street style documentarians outside of her university in London, England.  She has infiltrated the street style scene in a matter of two short years and has been profiled in the likes of: Vogue RussiaElle RussiaASOS MagazineHaute Muse, and featured in The Sunday Times Style, Grazia, TatlerThe Evening StandardLucky, Glamour USA and The LFW Daily.  Photographs of her cultivated style can also be found on: Harpers Bazaar, Grazia IT, Vogue USA, UK, France, Italia, Japan and China, Style.com, New York Magazine, The Telegraph and many more.  With her background in Fashion Promotion, it's easy to see how Peony has leveraged blogging to catapult her career as a stylist and street style stalker.

Peony was gracious enough to lend her time for a brief Q&A.  Check it out!

You have evolved into a sort of power player within the fashion industry due to your enviable personal style and inarguable beauty.  Why did decide to start blogging?

Wow big statement, not sure any of that is true, but thank you. I started blogging by chance really. I always knew I wanted to work in fashion but I had no intention of being a full time blogger. I went to university next to the BFC show space and would get photographed by street style photographers just going to lectures. After a couple of seasons I had made friends with some of them and they encouraged me to try blogging when I graduated. 

How should aspiring fashion bloggers go about marketing themselves in order to garner more traffic to their respective sites?

I don't think you can. I found it a very organic process. I never actively went after traffic by any strategy. I just worked hard to produce content that interested me and continued to improve its quality. I think you can only work hard and be true to yourself and hope for the best.
How do you see the business of fashion blogging evolving in the future?

I hope that we will continue to evolve as an active part of the fashion industry.  I think that bloggers deserve a bit more respect. It is important that we all find our place in the industry, without ego, just with talent. 

Who influences your personal style?
Everything. I would say things more than people. 

Who are your style icons? 
My mother. She is always teaching me things.

 Check out Peony's daily musings on her blog!


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