Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bri Emery's DesignLoveFest is my daily inspiration read!

Pop Art is colorful and simplistic!
A sheer lacy black bra is retro glam!
Black and White is So Right!

Crisp and Clean with a Pop of Color!

I think it's important to reflect on what inspires personal creativity.  For me, it's constantly evolving, as my aesthetic is sort of all over the place.  Here are some things/people that are resonating with me this week.  Bri Emery, curator of DesignLoveFest, is sickeningly talented and her blog is one that I visit without hesitation, daily, for design ideas and motivation.  I've always been a pop art enthusiast, collecting Warhol prints and commissioning my artist mother to replicate some of the pieces I admire.  I've never been one much for lingerie, but a sheer lace bra makes you feel sexy and a bit retro glam. Making yourself proud is all that matters.  I've had to learn to ignore naysayers, critics and often times, my own mind from imploding.  Recognize all of your accomplishments; no matter how little they may seem.  This will give you the confidence to keep pursuing your passions. Black and white is symbiotic: like yin and yang, like salt and pepper, like ebony and ivory. It just works! I appreciate clean lines and neutral tones, but color is an integral part of my life, and I cannot fathom living in a space that doesn't pop!  

Where do you draw inspiration from?


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