Flea Market Madness!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

On Saturday, my boyfriend and I took a brief trip to Treasure Island, in hopes of bringing home a few "treasures" of our own from the flea market.  We were supposed to be looking for a dining room table as well as a dresser to house the rest of my clothing, but of course, I switched gears and made an immediate bee line for the vintage clothing vendors.  I couldn't resist.  I ended up with a fabulous jumpsuit (as shown in yesterday's OOTD) for $15 along with a one-of-a-kind dining room table made from reclaimed wood and a mid-century teak dresser.  All-in-all it was quite a productive day. :)


  1. Such a good idea - I really need to add this Flea Market to my To Do List! :)

    1. Yes! The one in Alameda is coming up this weekend, and is beyond amazing. I have to say, though, I may enjoy the one at Treasure Island a tad bit more because it's less crowded, the view is breathtaking and due to hosting less vendors, it's easier to find great items!

  2. Ooh - a fun flea market on Treasure Island? I'm sold. Your dresser sounds amazing!

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    1. Yes! The next one is March 30th! It's $3 admission and you can score some serious one-of-a-kind items as well as insane deals! :)

  3. Ohhh the clothing rack looks like there are some really awesome finds in there! The only flea market I have ever been to was in San Jose and it kind of sucked. I hear the flea markets in LA was great and offer a ton of wonderful gems. Anyhow, I never knew there was on treasure island and can't wait to check it out...Your jumpsuit in the other post was really cute btw :)

    P.S. Nice meeting you at Lookmazin event last night and looking forward to Macy's event next month! xo


  4. You HAVE to go to the Alameda Point Antiques Faire. It's one of the best in the entire country and hosts over 800 vendors! It takes place the first Sunday of every month, so if you want to check it out, I suggest going this weekend!

    It was great to meet you as well. I'm so impressed that you have curated your own skirt line. It's fabulous!

    Look forward to seeing you soon!



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