Russia's "It" Girl-Miroslava Duma

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mira Duma, Russia's "It" girl, daughter of a senator, a former editor at Russian Harper's Bazaar and now founder of Buro 24/7, a fashion news website.  She's pint-sized but boy does she pack a punch.  Mira is not only wealthy, she's extremely articulate, beautiful, a muse for internationally renown designers, and a street style photographer's number one conquest.  Although, now she has access to the most coveted designs in the world, fashion has not always been a part of her existence.  She grew up in the Soviet Union "fashion-free" zone in the late 1980s, where boutiques and fashion magazines were outlawed in favor of a more uniformed society.  It wasn't until the collapse of the USSR in 1991 that the industry started to evolve.  Moscow, Russia is undergoing a fashion revolution of sorts, and no doubt, has the potential to be considered one of the 'fashion capitals' within the next ten years.  These 'czarinas' are tirelessly 'working the circuit' as they try to revive a historically oppressed country and bring attention to a burgeoning fashion industry.  Mira, an optimist by nature, is heeding the way, and her smarts coupled with an insane sense of personal style, will cement her longevity in this finicky industry. 


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