The Queen-Kate Moss

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Kate Moss is unequivocally the most sensational and controversial figure in fashion.  Hailing from Surrey in the UK, Moss was discovered in 1988, at at the age of 14, by Sarah Doukas, founder of Storm Management, at JFK International Airport in New York City.  Plucking Kate from obscurity, she molded her into the "anti-supermodel", describing her aesthetic as 'dirty realism' or 'grunge'.  Moss is most infamously known for ushering in the "heroin chic" look of the early 90s, by exploiting her waif-like figure and drawing criticism by many, including ex-President, Bill Clinton.  Despite controversy surrounding her frame, and alleged drug use, twenty five years after entering into the modeling world, she's still relevant.  Kate Moss is an icon, for better or worse, and what I respect about her, although many do not, is the influence she continues to exhibit over an entire industry.  Love her, hate her...she is the queen.


  1. I love Kate! She's always so effortlessly cool!
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  2. Yes she is! A controversial icon with a fierce sense of style and unapologetic personality.


  3. She's the reason I bought and started wearing my first pair of skinny jeans all those years ago....

    xo Carlina

    1. And you can rock a mean pair of skinny pants!! :)


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