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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Trendy Mondays.  Is there such a thing?  Yes.  It comes in the form of an e-commerce site dedicated to bringing American consumers original, independent European fashion labels.  Trendy Mondays offers a little something for everyone: from a brand who produces their own bags made of sustainable materials, to a designer who curated a collection using crystal fragments. Stuff for men? Check. Kids? Check. Women? Of course.  See. I told you.  Something for EVERYONE.

I had the pleasure of meeting Bego, one of the co-founders of the site, at a fashion social, and after speaking to her quite briefly,  I was able to surmise that she's truly passionate about this new entrepreneurial endeavor.  Having come to this country from Spain, she was often approached by people in San Francisco inquiring about items that she was wearing.  She, along with her partners, Monica and Isolina, conceived of  the idea to bring these one-of-a-kind finds to the consumer marketplace.  Not only do they showcase these truly talented independent Spanish designers, but they assure their customers that each item sold is made with extreme environmental consciousness.

I spoke with Bego about the conception of Trendy Mondays, her favorite fashion labels, and how they select which designers and artists they want to feature.  So check out our Q&A...I dare ya!

How did you, Monica, and Isolina meet?

Actually we met here in San Francisco by chance. Living abroad, it’s easy to meet people from your country. So, out of the blue, three of us from different places in Spain, and with no connections at all, were having coffee when we started thinking of building something together.

How did you conceive of the idea for Trendy Mondays?

After living here for a while, we realized that we were each frequently stopped by strangers, asking who made our clothes and where they could buy them. So, we thought what a great idea to bring our fashion to the American market!

What's behind the name "TrendyMondays"?

We believe that amazing designs should be worn every day of the week, not just for special occasions. So the Trendy Mondays team made a pact to offer amazing clothing and accessories to help women (and men!) feel great about themselves, even on Monday. Mondays don’t need to be boring any more!

How do you choose what independent European designers to feature?

We already knew most of the designers we are working with. First, we worked with our friends and then with friends of friends. It’s also important for us to sell products that we already know, ensuring the quality and the way they work.

Who are some of your favorite Spanish designers?

The Spanish fashion world isn’t as big as the one here in America, so unfortunately their names aren’t as well known. But designers such as Miguel Palacio or Juanjo Oliva are awesome. And we can’t forget about Zara; they are great and they really do rule the fashion world.

Choosing items from your site, what pieces would you pair together to form an outfit?

It’s so difficult to choose, but I would definitely go for the shoes and Andres Gallardo Jewelry. The scarves are also amazing. Let’s see:

Trendy Mondays is an environmentally conscious company.  How do you ensure that the designs you sell are made with the intent of being sustainable?  
Our designers are small and still growing, so we know they take care of every single detail and are a part of every step of the process. It is amazing to visit their workshops and see how they work. They believe in what they do, and we believe in them. This is the only way.

Check back next week as I will be modeling exclusive items from Trendy Mondays in one of my Outfit of the Day posts!


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